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No Performance Today, 2014

Lauren Brincat and Bree van Reyk

For Sonic Social, Brincat and van Reyk have created No Performance Today, a work which has the pair collaborating with a marching band to stage a performance, moving between the bustling public space of the Museum’s forecourt and the multi-level interior of the MCA foyer. This performance continues Brincat and van Reyk’s interest in sonic portraiture, drawing out and subtly highlighting the particular qualities of individuals that might otherwise go unnoticed or unobserved.

In particular, No Performance Today gently unravels the sonic and movement cohesion of the marching band – usually such a regimented, rigid entity – to draw attention to the idiosyncrasies that lie within this collective of individuals. Through creating a new composition for the band to play, and particular choreography to perform, Brincat and van Reyk interrupt the forthright spectacle we generally experience with from such bands. No Performance Today subtly draws out the tensions between the individual and the mass, structure and dissolution, tension and release.

Part of Sonic Social, presented by the MCA Australia and curated by Performance Space.